Manual Testing Program



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Course Duration: 3 days/week, 2hrs/day , 24 hrs , ( 12 session)

Course Overview

This Manual Testing training encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring you acquire the skills needed to thoroughly assess software quality. Ideal for individuals aspiring to become proficient manual testers, this program emphasizes hands-on learning to instill confidence in your ability to contribute to the software testing process effectively. Enroll in our manual testing course to embark on a successful journey in quality assurance.

What you'll learn

  • Understanding client requirements and creating comprehensive test plans for manual testing.
  • Techniques for designing and executing effective manual test cases, scenarios, test data.
  • Fundamental principles and best practices in manual testing methodologies.
  • Creating clear and detailed bug reports for efficient communication within the testing team.
  • Manual testing techniques for both web and mobile applications.
  • Understanding the importance of exploratory testing and its application in real-world projects.
  • Mastering various testing types, including:
    • Functional Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
  • Applying risk-based testing approaches to prioritize test scenarios and optimize testing efforts.
  • Introduction to manual testing tools and their role in the testing process.
  • Understanding the importance of collaboration between manual testers and other stakeholders.
  • Analyzing and interpreting software specifications to create effective test cases.
  • Best practices for bug detection, including:
    • Effective Test Case Design
    • Ad-hoc Testing Techniques
    • Exploratory Testing Strategies
  • Introduction to STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) and its phases:
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Test Planning
    • Test Design
    • Test Execution
    • Defect Reporting and Tracking
    • Test Closure
  • Effective communication skills for reporting testing progress and issues to the development team.
  • Tips and techniques for time management and organization in manual testing projects.
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